Broadband has become important to many of us at home and work and in education, and our reliance on it will only increase as more services are tailored to the internet.

There is currently a disparity in the service available in different places and this digital divide will also increase as most new resources are being directed to improving the infrastructure for population centres. This is particularly a problem for more remote rural areas.

It is possible for poorly-served communities to improve their provision through public funding. If you know of any local communities already taking action on this please let us know so we can list them here.

Local Action

The Gower Exchange has telephone numbers in the format 01792 39xxxx. Properties here are covered by the Gower Broadband Community Group. See for more information.

If you are interested in Better Broadband but your area is not listed here then please complete our Broadband Form so that we can connect you to others in your area.

Further Information

To check for general availability of broadband for your postcode or telephone number try or

If you already have broadband a variety of websites will run a broadband speedcheck for you. A test usually runs for less than a minute. You could try: or

See for information on Welsh Government broadband policy and broadband support grants.