Local Planning

Much information on local planning is given at the following websites:

City & County of Swansea

Planning Portal of UK Government

The following are important documents from the City & County of Swansea:

A Design Guide for Householder Development Design Guide Page

Draft Gower ANOB Design Guide Draft Gower Design Guide Page

Unitary Devlopment Plan Unitary Development Plan Page


Applicants should be aware that Ordnance Survey maps and Land Registry plans based on them are not claimed to be completely accurate. In some areas there can be discrepancies of 2 metres between two points. Carrying out a sanity check on the ground before submitting a planning application can help prevent delay and frustration at a later date.

Opening Applications Online

The documents associated with an application will be listed within Related Documents.

The documents may be in the form of PDF (Adobe Reader), DOC (Word), GIF (Various).

You should be able to open or save each document. If you find you cannot open a document try downloading it first and then opening.

Searching for Applications Online

Local planning applications are accessed from Swansea's Planning Search Page.

When you have a complete application number only fill in this field. If you complete additional fields which are not an accurate match to the data keyed into the database you will get a nil result.

Take care when supplying dates in a search. Applications may be submitted and registered a considerable time before they are available for public consultation.

When the search is completed you may need to scroll up the page to see the results.